Auckland Sport Climbing Club

The Auckland Sport Climbing Club is focused on supporting climbers who want to compete at both a National and International level.  Sport climbing competitions are administered internationally by the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC), and in New Zealand by Climbing New Zealand (CNZ). Eligibility to IFSC and CNZ sanctioned competitions is open only to members of affiliated local clubs.

The Auckland Sport Climbing club’s goals are to provide support and development through coaching, as well as logistical and administrational support for those self-driven climbers who want to achieve at the highest levels of the sport. In addition, we provide a strong social community for like-minded youth to enjoy the non-competitive aspects of sport climbing and bouldering. Membership is open to all ages.

The Auckland Sport Climbing Club is run by a dedicated committee of volunteers.

  • President: Nick Langstone               info@aucklandclimbing.co.nz
  • Secretary: Kristen Thomforde        info@aucklandclimbing.co.nz
  • Treasurer: Gah Chan                        info@aucklandclimbing.com

Coaching Coordination

  •  Laurie Rands

Committee Members

  • Carmilla Ansin
  • Ross Pett
  • Sabrina Street
  • Sarah Hay
  • Shane Scahill