CNZ Competition Dates

CNZ Competition Dates as follows:
  • 1st National Cup Series Event: Hamilton 2, 3 April
  • 2nd National Cup Series Event: Wanaka 7, 8 May
  • 3rd National Cup Series Event: Auckland 30, 31 July
  • National Championship BOULDERING Event: Wellington 3, 4 September
  • National Championship LEAD Event: Christchurch 17, 18 September

Competition Dates for 2016

Climbing New Zealand has confirm the dates for the 3 National Cup events in 2016.  They are:

1) April 2/3 Hamilton
2) May 7/8 Wanaka
3) July 30/31 Auckland

ASC committee meeting 17 Nov

Hi, the next committee meeting is on 17th of Nov 7 pm kanDO Innovation 62C Morrin Road, St Johns

See you there

ASC committee meeting 13 Oct

The next committee meeting is at 7:00 pm 13Oct

Clearpoint House

Fanshawe St


Everyone is welcome but you will need to let the secretary know if you are coming as the building is not open to public.



Competition Skills Workshop

Hey Guys,

Worlds Pre-selection for 2016

Hi all,

CNZ will be looking at sending invitations for selection to a Development pool of World Youth Team athletes at the end of this season – after the National Champs in Rotorua.
Please let your coaches and any climbers aspiring to be selected for Worlds in 2016 know that their form at the Champs event this year will be a major factor in the invitation process.
Form throughout the year will also be considered as well as past performances in the case of climbers not competing this year.
More detailed selection criteria will be sent out later – this is just to give coaches and climbers a heads up for their preparations for Rotorua.
Please Note that this is not an actual team selection – the 2016 team will be selected at a later date to be announced.

Term 4 coaching

Hi Guys,

Can you please let me know whether you would be interested in coaching for Term 4.  It would run for 10 weeks from 12th October – 11th Dec with one Monday off (Labour Day).

In the past we have found some people are not able to come to some sessions due to focusing on exams but we are happy to keep running the program if there are enough people who want it to continue.  If you need to miss the odd session that is your call so long as you let the coach know.  There are no competitions during this period.

If you can please let me know yes or no for Term 4 and we can take it from there.




National Cup 3 is a huge success

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone involved in the event over the weekend for all the effort.

From all accounts it has been a wonderfully successful event.

It has been a huge effort to pull the event together and the organization ran fairly smoothly.

I got a lot of great feedback from all about the great food – people loved the pizzas!!

Special thanks to Darrin and the team from Extreme Edge (sorry I do not have too many email addresses – so feel free to forward this) – the venue was fantastic, and support from the whole crew was great.

What a great weekend. Thanks again to everyone.


Auckland Sport Climbing Club

Reducing Injury Risk Associated With Auto Belays

Climbing is a low risk sport but it is sometimes easy to forget that you are only a split second from serious injury or death.  Even having many years of experience will not completely insure you against injury. Please read the sobering message below from Lisia Grocott.  Our best wishes go out to Geoff.

From: Lisia Grocott <>
Date: 28 June 2015 1:22:14 PM NZST
Cc: Geoff Jacobsen <>
Subject: reducing injury risk associated with auto belays

Hi Treefrog and Climbing NZ

As you know, on 30 March, Geoff climbed a wall at Hangdog Climbing Gym in Lower Hutt that is protected by an auto belay, as he had hundreds of times before. This time, Geoff forgot to clip in to the auto belay before he started. Ten or eleven metres up the wall, expecting to be lowered slowly by the machine, Geoff let go. Approximately 1.4 seconds later, travelling approximately 50 kilometres per hour, he hit the ground, breaking his feet, back, pelvis and right wrist, and dislocating his left thumb.

Geoff and I think this type of accident could happen again to someone else; we think it’s dangerously easy for human beings to forget to clip in, focussed on the climb or distracted by conversation or thoughts. On the Internet, this type of accident is described as “common”. In 2013, a climber in Texas died from a fall after forgetting to clip in to an auto belay. The risk is not just to the climber but also to anyone on the ground underneath.

This leaves us very keen to raise awareness of the risk in the climbing community. We are writing to ask you forward this email to Climbing NZ’s member clubs (we’ve already sent it to Dynomites directly).

We suggest climbers using an auto belay check you are clipped in correctly just before you step off the ground. But we don’t think remembering to check can be relied on; we suggest you ask your climbing gym to reduce the risk.

We suggest climbing gyms require customers to get instruction from staff before using an auto belay – instruction that includes the information that the most common accident associated with auto belays is forgetting to clip in altogether.

We suggest climbing gyms set up a barrier that the auto belay is clipped to when not in use, blocking access to the wall that the auto belay protects. We think it’s important:

  1. That the barrier blocks the entire breadth of the wall that can be climbed using the auto belay (to a height of about 1-1.5m), not just an area in the middle of the wall, to reduce the risk of someone forgetting to clip in and climbing up beside the auto belay.
  2. That the auto belay is secured close to the wall, to reduce the risk of someone forgetting to clip in and climbing up with the auto belay behind them (as Geoff did).
  3. That the wall protected by the auto belay is not used for lead climbing or other activities that mean that the auto belay is sometimes secured out of the way.

Other possible safety measures include an alarm such as the one produced by Nicros for use with auto belays, or a clipping-in set-up that requires three hands, so that another person is needed (for a moment) to help with clipping in, providing a check and making clipping in a conscious act instead of one that can be carried out on autopilot.

Thirteen weeks since the accident, Geoff is doing well. He spent six weeks in hospital and had surgeries on his feet, back and wrist, with more surgeries to come. In the last fortnight, he has been given the go ahead to start propelling his wheelchair with both hands (as opposed to just his left), so he no longer zigzags haphazardly across rooms, pushing off furniture and walls. And he’s begun weight bearing on his feet, traversing the living room with a Zimmer frame.

Warm regards

Lisia and Geoff

Welcome to our New Committee

We are thrilled to welcome our new committee members and the changes to our executive:

2015 Committee:

  • Nick Lansgstone takes over as President from Chris Gatland.  Nick has been a committee member for two years and has two children who are regulars at the National competitions. Kyle is Youth C and Ryan is Youth D.
  • Chris Gatland is staying on the committee as Treasurer. Daughter Erica is a junior this year and is on the world youth team.
  • Kirsten Thomforde takes over Secretary from Karen Kranz. Kirsten is also a familiar face at National competitions as has a son Lukas Youth B who was invited to try out for the world youth team
  • Sabrina Street joins the committee and brings a wealth of experience with her. Sabrina started climbing at the age of 12 as a rock crusher at the Rock House in Mt Maunganui, Sabrina was mentored by Ken McPhearson and quickly moved on to coach and staff roles at the Rock House. Sabrina has also been a member of the Rotorua Cub, a Climbing New Zealand committee member and duty manager at the Extreme Edge in Glen Eden.
  • Sarah Hay also brings a wealth of experience to the committee. Sarah coaches rock hoppers competition squad at the Extreme Edge Panmure and is an experience climber often competing at national competitions.
  • Shane Scahill joins the committee and has a son Louis climbing in Youth B
  • Ross Pett & Laurie Rand, joins the committee and has daughter Poppy in Youth D
  • Carmilla Ansin has recently taken on the role of National Coach, is a member of the Climbing New Zealand committee, future manager at the Uprising bouldering gym in Christchurch but has also agreed to remain on the Auckland committee.

Leaving the committee are:

  • Kathy Allen,  Kathy has been a committee member for four years and has held secretary and treasurer roles. Kathy has been a tireless worker for many years doing just about every task that needed to be done; her energy and enthusiasm will be missed.
  • Tanja Ilic, Tanja has been a committee member for two years and still has a daughter Lea Youth B climbing and is on the world youth team. Tanja will continue to support ASC for outside the committee
  • Susie Randall, Susie has been a committee member for one year and has two children still climbing, Leonie in Youth C and Oscar in Youth D. Susie continues to support the club from outside the committee.
  • Karen Kranz, Karen has been club secretary for the last year and has daughter Sophie climbing in Youth A. Karen will continue to support the club from her home on the island.